It’s Hurricane Season, and you don’t want to see your doors getting spoiled by the wind and the bad weather. On the other note, once the Hurricane season affects your doors, it can later lead to a number of damages to your house that you never want. People out there in Florida and other such places that witness strong Hurricane season are not new to such damages, and the prime concern is always to remain safe. In the year 1992 Hurricane Andrew damaged more than $26 billion of properties and more. The strong winds and the heavy rainfall can impact doors which can be hard on you and your house. 

Importance of doors in storms and hurricanes

External doors are the most critical security providers when it comes to separating the internals of your house from the outside world. That is the reason, among others, why we chose first class manufacturers of impact doors and impact windows. During the Hurricane season, your home has to resist a lot of force. The points that are the least resistant in houses can be exit points such as gates and doors, windows, and even ventilators.

In fact, being protected by resistant and reliable impact windows to be safe in a storm is an issue that we have already addressed and we recommend you look at the detail of our Impact Windows & Doors installation, maintenance and sale service to be protected in hurricane times.

Leaving these aside, the first point of impact that is likely to happen will be your doors. Never try opening your entries when there is a storm outside. Most of the people that live in areas where Hurricanes are likely to be experienced frequently have a particular stormproof door next to the inner one. Even if you have a unique door, it is always better to keep your internal door closed to provide extra safety. Your doors can help you keep the water out, which otherwise will cause a flood-like situation in the house.

Protect Doors from the Elements during Hurricane Season

The strong winds from the hurricane also will affect the interiors. Valuables and precious things can get destroyed by the wind. You need to make sure that your house hygiene is never compromised. Sometimes with the wind and water, there are lots of parasites, microbes, and even insects that might enter your house. This can become even more dangerous if you have a kid in there. Winds impact doors, but with proper maintenance, you can keep care of your loved ones and house. 

Another significant point that makes the role of external storm doors so important is protection from debris. Hurricanes usually have debris with the wind, and this debris is sometimes considerable and robust. Another point here is the fact that this debris strikes so fast that even a tiny grain of sand can hit you like a bullet. You never want all this debris to flow directly into your house. It might hurt your family members, and also, you can never be sure of the intensity of the wind. The external storm door is the key to being safe in such a situation.

The Interior door does have a significant role

People think that not closing their interior door cannot cause that much damage, but on the contrary, it is just the opposite thing. If you are not closing the interior door tight enough, this can Cost a lot in situations where the storm door fails or even there is a leak in one of your windows or doors.

There are situations seen when the entire roof of the house might have blown off. This is a seriously hazardous situation that needs to be avoided. Even if there is a little hole that makes airflow in the place, it is undoubtedly going to raise the air pressure inside. Once this pressure rises, the air will require a place to exit. Provided that you have sealed all the other exits, it’s going to create so much pressure on your roof that it eventually comes off. 

But the interior door can act as a blocking agent even after your storm door finds it challenging to resist. 

interior doors importance during hurricane winds and storms

Why do we need to protect the doors?

If you are thinking that installing a storm door and an interior door is a one-time investment, and they don’t need care and regular maintenance, then you are very wrong. Once hurricane impact doors, the wood or even the hardest of the materials can get damaged up. 

We know that these doors are specially made to tackle hurricanes, but eventually, you will feel your doors swelling up, which makes it very hard to lock. Also, the components of the door can get a lot of damage from the elements during the hurricane season.

Water is among the most crucial elements that will destroy your door during a hurricane. Water can get inside the door very quickly by the process of imbibition if your door is made up of wood. There are many primers and other protection these days given to the doors, but if you leave your door without maintenance, it is eventually going to get in there. Water will spoil the internal structure, making it a charming location for different insects and microbes to grow.

Further, these insects will eat up the wood from inside, and by the time you will notice the changes, the old door will become hollow from inside, and you will be left with no option other than to replace the door. 

Another element can be debris and dust. Hurricanes can make debris strike your door at very high speed, making it weak. Most of the doors have their furnishing at the uppermost layer to improve the look of the door. Debris can be very harmful to this layer. Also, there can be times when big pieces of junk, wood, and more strike your door which eventually can give a crack or a deep hit mark on the door, which needs to be fixed so that the door remains strong while facing other challenges when the next Hurricane strikes.

Talking about the inner door, most of the time, it won’t be affected a lot, but you need to secure your place with double safety; hence there is a need to protect this door too from the elements of Hurricane.


At the end of the article, we can say that doors do play a vital role in protecting your house. It is your responsibility to protect them as much as possible to get the favor in return.