Tornado hits Southwest Florida destroying homes, causing injuries and thousands of homes without power.

A tornado has caused damage to at least twenty homes in the Fort Myers area where it made landfall, in southwest Florida. In addition, it has so far left four reported injuries and thousands of houses without electricity. In Miami-Dade and Broward counties there have been downed trees as well as power lines.

The Fort Myers National Weather Service confirmed that the tornado touched down on Iona.

Lee authorities reported at a press conference that at least four people were reported with minor injuries, about 7,000 homes are without electricity, 28 houses were destroyed and some 62 are uninhabitable. More than 200 people were displaced.

The importance of having impact windows and doors in our homes and businesses

The hurricane season formally begins in the month of March and ends in the month of November, however, that does not mean that there can be different natural phenomena such as tornadoes or storms that end up doing a lot of damage as well.

That is why it is so important to have impact windows as well as impact doors, especially if your home or business is in Miami and its surroundings: Miami, Miami Beach, Doral, Kendall, Coral Gables, Fontainebleau, Homestead, etc.

As we can read, this tornado has affected many houses, causing damage that possibly could have been prevented by impacting windows and doors.

Below we detail the types of impact windows that we have:

Single Hung Impact Windows
Horizontal Roller Impact Windows
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Fixed Impact Window (Picture Window)
Fixed Impact Window (Architectural)
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We also detail the types of impact doors:

Impact doors
Entry Doors
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