Need impact doors in Miami & nearby?


Highest quality impact doors at affordable prices in Miami & nearby.

Need impact doors in miami & nearby?


We sell, install and provide full fledged service on Impact doors in Miami and nearby.

Impact doors are the focus of your house, they are the first thing guest see in your home and are defense against unwanted intrusions.

CAV Impact, impact doors are made from the highest quality materials and offer high-end durability and safety.

The Frames and panels are reinforced and add a protective layer on top of the secure and durable door.


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CAV Impact provides high quality and professional hurricane resistant impact doors & windows in Miami. Our products give a permanent protection against any hurricane or heavy weather.

The Impact glass is a shatter-resistant glass. The glazing in between the glass has two layers of annealed glass made of Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB). If the glass gets hit or breaks it will not shatter, the PVB holds the glass in place so it does not fall out or leave dangerous shards.

We have a wide variety of different impact doors styles which add a perfect addition to you home or business in Miami and surroundings.


CAV Impact has different varieties of Impact entry doors from Aluminum and fiberglass options to make your home distinct and beautiful as well to protect your home or business.

Entry doors come in different colors and styles as well as different thickness on glass if needed for stronger pressures depending on what area you live in.

Also, all impact windows & impact doors reduce energy cost, outside noise reduction, Filters out 99% UV rays, and protects your home against intruders and hurricanes.

French Windborne-debris Resistant Doors

French Impact Doors comes in various styles and designs, provides wide range opening to get great air flow and also allowing natural light to pass through, but can also be more private by tinting the glass (Different color varieties) or make the area nice and cool with Low-E glass. Once you make the change you will feel and see the difference in your home.

French Windborne-debris Resistant doors offer the following:

  • Extruded aluminum butt hinges or heavy duty steel hinges
  • Pre-hung doors (Impact are all outswing options)
  • Different option on sizes made to customers liking (Measurements must be within NOA approvals)
  • Optional sidelites available
  • Concealed 3-Point Lock System (option is available upon request)
  • Prepped for industry-standard hardware
  • Design load: +100/-120 psf X; +90/-90 psf XX or O
  • U-value: 0.83

But why stop there? For bigger living spaces, you need more than one door and more than one way to enter and exit. That’s why L-300 is a French Door with a 1 3/4” panel depth, perfect for balconies and exit doors.

Learn more about the manufacturers we work with here.


Adding a sliding glass impact door to your home gives you a beautiful design door with thicker frames than the standard doors, also you can enjoy the fresh air flow when open and full glass view for lots of natural light. Sliding glass doors can also be setup with different tracks to make multifuctional doors (Depending on your opening size) to make them custom to your liking from moving all panels to just have one panel mobile (Multitrack, bypass, pocket or corner door).

Sliding glass impact doors offers the following:

  • Adjustable tandem polyamide needle bearing rollers
  • Three track and four track attractive design frame option
  • Saflex PVB, Kuraray PVB, Vanceva Storm and Sentry glass Plus interlayer options
  • Different options on sizes for small or oversize openings
  • Interchangeable and reversible panel interlocks
  • Dual­point locking mechanism and beautiful handle options
  • Design load: +80/-80 psf
  • U-value: 0.52 IGU (with 3/16” N70/38 Clear (#2) + 3/8” Air Spacer + 3/16” Clear + 0.090” PVB + 3/16” Low-E (#6))
  • U-value: 1.04 LG (with 3/16” Clear + 0.09” PVB + 3/16” Clear)


When it comes to fiberglass impact doors we have hundreds of options with a combinations of beauty and elegance as well as strength and durability. You can choose from different options on the doors as well as different options on glass designs and colors. Fiberglass doors require less maintenance, are energy efficient, and impact resistant against direct blows from hurricanes. You have the options of different colors on the doors, or you can get them prime and paint them yourself any color you like. Fiberglass doors offer the following:

Hundreds of door and color options as well as variety of glass options and colors. Same for impact windows.

  • Hurricane resistant frame and glass
  • Less maintenance needed
  • Can be painted as many times as you like and any color (Paint can be bought through any paint supplier)
  • Pre-drilled holes to fit any handle and deadbolt you choose
  • Fiberglass Impact Doors can also come with no glass for the simple areas of the home like laundry units, garage side doors or any storage entry way.
  • Design load: +65/-65 psf

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