Hurricanes in the states like Florida of the United States experience heavy rain and winds in the form of hurricanes and tropical storms. That is why having Hurricane Window Protection is a solution that helps us avoid disaster. These hurricanes prove to cause much damage which is not a new thing. The state of Florida witnessed Hurricane Andrew in 1992, one of the strongest hurricanes that destroyed almost 25,000 homes and brought severe damage to the state. In such cases, hurricane window protection also known as impact windows act as a beneficial tool. We all know that windows are generally meant to protect from rain and wind. But the hurricane window protection act as a savior from the great damage.

What is the hurricane window protection?

A hurricane window protection or impact window is a window glass that is surrounded by a heavy-duty frame and consists of a thermoplastic interlayer placed in between two outer layers of strong glass. The strength of the glass entirely depends on its composition and thickness. The main component used in these impact-resistant glasses is layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl-acetate (EVA). For different climates, the impact windows are also manufactured in thermal options.

Advantages of having hurricane window protection

Impact windows not only prevent the water from damaging the house, but also they control the increasing air pressure that actually results in the collapse of walls and blowing of roofs. These windows are intact to prevent damage through a storm. Apart from this, one other advantage of these impact windows is that it protects the interior by blocking ultraviolet rays and also provides sound insulation. Normally windows have the tendency to break and the pieces fly causing harm to the property and people. But these hurricane-proof windows break in a way that there happen to be no flying shards of glass.

Adds strength to glazing

Usually, the frames for impact windows are made from wood, vinyl, metal, or other combinations. So, the frames are heavier as compared to the normal glass windows in order to prevent the windows from not just breaking but save from hitting the window hard. The frames are also made up of steel and have stiffeners apart from just putting in the glass to make it solid enough to be helpful in a storm. Also, they have weather stripping that restricts the water from getting in while the frame bends. The condition of Florida becomes harsh in a storm. So, weather stripping in such a situation seals the cracks and prevents damage caused by water in storms of high intensity. It also provides easiness while opening and closing the window.

Hurricane Impact Windows Glass Resistant in Miami

Prevents from unnecessary shattering

The fabrication of the material in the impact windows restricts them from shattering, unlike the normal glass windows that are weakly built. The laminated glass used in the hurricane-proof windows contains two separate pieces of glass that have resin in between. Along with the aluminum frame which is used to protect the unit, the windows are a safe tool for the heavy storm. The laminated glass prevents the window from shattering even though it breaks and forms a crack. This makes it possible to handle an onslaught of debris during a hurricane or storm.

Provides total security

The glass used in the hurricane window protection is constructed so strong that apart from keeping people safe during a storm, it also protects from burglars. These windows have two protective layers of glass and an interlayer that makes it difficult for any thief, burglar, or unwanted person to break inside the house. Instead, it will splinter but will hold on to the place due to the thick sturdy layer.

Gives you relaxation by being cost-effective

Although these windows serve in many ways like preventing wind, water, UV rays, and noise, it is still cost-effective to install. The homeowners in Florida tend to install a glass tint on their impact windows that ultimately reduces the energy cost and saves money on heavy electric bills. It’s because the tinted glass absorbs the solar radiation while entering the glass and reduces heat and light transfer from entering the room. Impact windows once installed sets you free from long-time issues, unlike regular glass windows that cause trouble all through the year.

Types of damage hurricane window protection prevents from happening

The hurricanes and storms in Florida produce high winds that ultimately bring debris. The high winds make the branches become loose, destroying furniture and other objects kept inside the home. With the onset of the storm, the winds occur and make the debris fly directly into the window. Now, if you have installed hurricane-proof windows, you are safe, or else the debris can cause the window to shatter, break, and several other issues.

The storms also bring heavy rain causing the rainwater to flow inside your house if the windows are having cracks or are broken and are difficult to repair. Additionally, this rainwater cause damage to the walls and floors of houses and allow the mold to grow. These kinds of damages can be prevented by installing impact windows at your home and keeping yourself and your house protected.

So, if you are staying in a storm-hit area or a hurricane-affected state, you need to get rid of the damages occurring through these storms by using the right construction materials at your home. With the installation of hurricane-proof windows or impact windows, you get safety from storms and your house stays protected from multiple benefits that other regular windows do not give.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has certain testing standards that have to be fulfilled and can check if the window is impact-resistant or not. Now, there is no worrying about the material that is going to be used or how safe you are with the newly installed impact windows. The good fact is that The South Florida Building Code has made it mandatory for every house to stay protected against flying debris by placing impact windows in their homes.

Now with the CAV impact windows, you are safe and secure at your home, so let the storm come and enjoy the safe experience.