Due to the different temperatures and the passage of time, the doors often need maintenance. Here are some tips on how to clean doors easily and effectively.

People usually remember to clean the doors of their house when they begin to look worn, have some kind of problem with the hinges or they look very dirty.

Maintaining a door will maximize its life.

For example, exterior doors are often exposed to environmental impacts such as dust or moisture, as well as heat and cold.

In this sense, it is important to know what material it is made of in order to know how to clean doors easily and effectively. Also, it is important to not forget to clean the hinges and handles.

When using detergents or other cleaning products, it is best to ensure that they do not contain abrasive or corrosive ingredients such as bleach.

Protecting a wooden door

Wooden surfaces can be maintained, cleaned and protected with a simple homemade solution: water with a drop of soap or detergent. Then it is important to thoroughly wash the surfaces with clean water, let them dry or wipe them with a soft cloth.

Cleaning a solid wood door can be relatively simple by using a duster and vacuuming. The most difficult stains can be removed by applying a drop of olive oil or WD-40. Regardless, such doors will still require periodic cleaning.

Aluminum surfaces with powder

It is advisable to clean the aluminum surfaces of the doors at least twice a year with clean water and a drop of neutral pH detergent. Also use a soft microfiber cloth without applying excessive pressure.

For exterior doors, it is best to clean them during moderate temperatures below 25 ° C. To remove grease, oil or soot stains, use a non-aromatic hydrogen chloride benzene based detergent and solvents.

Cleaning interior doors easily and effectively

Interior doors also require regular cleaning. Every week, clean them with a damp cloth. If you spill something on the door or if it gets stained, wipe it up immediately. Periodically grease the door hinges with a suitable lubricant to preserve their condition.

Likewise, cleanliness also depends on the material from which the door is made:

  • Clean aluminum doors when the ambient temperature is below 25 ° C with a soft cloth and neutral pH cleaning agents.
  • Wipe wooden doors with a clean damp cloth and then dry. Every two years, apply a new coat of impregnation or wood paint.
  • Interior door glass elements should be cleaned with a glass cleaner and then rinsed thoroughly with water.Cleaning solid wood sliding doors.
  • Steel Doors: Find an all-purpose household cleaner and a sponge. Spray on the cleaner, and then wet the sponge to scrub the door. Make sure to wipe away all of the cleaning solution.