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CAV Impact Windows and Doors Miami is the top company for all impact windows and impact doors products and installation.

Our team consist of more than 20 years of experience on any impact windows needed in your home or business in south Florida. All windows are available in aluminum or vinyl. Impact windows are made to resist against any hurricane or theft. We order to your satisfaction, many choices on the color of the frames and glass.

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When it comes to Hurricane protection, energy efficiency, noise reduction and safety for your family Impact windows is the way to go.

Here at CAV Impact Windows and Doors we strive to push ourselves to the max to make sure our customers are satisfied with the products and installation.

Impact windows provides maximum protection that is unrivaled by shutters or any other material. Also choices on different lock options for more security and different option on glass thickness to provide more resistance again bad weather.

Please, read Using Hurricane Window Protection To Stay Safe In A Storm to learn more on our blog.

Hurricane Resistant Impact Windows types


This type of window is a classic look that opens and closes vertically. By choosing Single hung, you can extend the width of the opening more than the HR window which gives you a more open ventilation. These windows are great for any room facing walkways, porches, or patios. Single Hungs offer the following:

  • Extra security in case of theft
  • Noise reduction from outside noise, which gives you a relax feeling
  • Can prevent UV and keep your home nice and cool
  • Integrated lift rails and deluxe swivel locks

Single hung windows type can be locked in the case of egress and/or handicap requirements. You have a wide range of sizes and styles to pick from, but if you aren’t satisfied with standard designs, feel free to ask our team of the possible options.

  • Lower the energy bill
  • Flange frame for masonry and wood construction or flush frame for concrete openings
  • Block and tackle or ultra lift balances
  • Bottom spring latch or sweep lock options
  • Design load: +80/-80 psf
  • U-value: 0.58
Single Hung Windows types


The Horizontal Roller works on rollers and track (Similar to sliding glass door), which makes the window more versatile with slighty overlapping sashes to the left or right (Which ever way of opening you choose). They come in 2 panel or 3 panel depending on the size of the opening, and the sliding panel is easy to remove for cleaning purposes. The horizontal roller offers the following:

  • This product ensures an easy and smooth opening allowing maximum ventilation
  • Blocks out outside noise and UV light
  • Sash (mobile window) can be conveniently removed during cleaning
  • Variety of colors on the frame and glass
  • Different thickness on the glass if needed
  • Flange or frame for masonary and wood construction, flush frame for concrete openings
  • Fully weather-stripped
  • Polyamide rollers with needle bearings
  • Spring latch at jamb or sweep lock options
  • Design load: +70/-70 psf
  • U-value: 0.57
Horizontal Roller Impact Windows types


On the high end of the window family we have the casement impact window. They offer a more sophisticated design, allowing lots of ventilation and a vertical view. Unlike the Horizontal Roller, in the casement the screen sits on the inside of the window frame which when closed gives you a full view of the window from the outside. Also, when it comes to Egress, if both the single hung or horizontal roller do not meet egress, the casement is the one to go with and meets bigger size options. Casements offer the following:

  • Casements are the top of the line impact window
  • Features a rotating handle for an effortless operation
  • It is available in multiple glazing options providing flexibility in design
  • Heavy duty stainless steel four bar hinge
  • Flange frame for masonry and wood construction or flush frame for concrete openings
  • Fully weather-stripped
  • Anodized, painted or wood grain finishes available
  • Screens available in aluminum frame and fiberglass mesh
  • Surface applied ogee or flat muntins
  • Single arm operator and multi-point lock and folding crank handle
  • Design load: +90/-90 psf
  • U-value: 0.66

 For more detailed information, visit impact windows spec sheet  from our manufacturer ES Windows – Casement 5000 is a 2 1/8” depth impact rated casement window featuring a rotating handle for an effortless operation. It is available in multiple glazing options providing flexibility in design.

Casement Impact Windows types



The fixed impact window is available in a variety of shapes, allowing a wide range of applications. This impact window is used to bring light to places with difficult accessibility. Even though picture windows are not operable, it gives you the option to install bigger sizes, and get a full view due to its thinner frames. Any shape such as half circles, circles, arch’s, trapezoid, and regular rectangle are available fixed windows.

  • Flange frame for masonry and wood construction or flush frame for concrete openings
  • Architectural shapes
  • Different thickness on glass if needed for higher pressures
  • Variety on frame and glass color
  • Design load: +60/-80 psf
  • U-value: 0.46
Fixed Impact Windows


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